Sunday, 23 March 2014

Does your parish have a website?

Blackfen? Chislehurst? Morriston? No, it's Brighton

And, if it does, was it produced by your version of Grunty O'Troffe, the parish 'artist' and, if so is it grindingly boring?

There are surprisingly few parishes that promote (yes, that's right, promote) themselves and the Faith proficiently through the world wide web.

And, when you connect with your parish site do you have to search for Mass times amongst a swamp of politically correct inclusive words and sentences?

Well, having lambasted a parish in the diocese of Abuse and Blasphemy for being ultra fluffy and 'touchy feely' I am most pleased to offer up some praise for another A & B parish not further than you could throw a modernist from the church I originally posted about HERE.

The excellent website in question is, naturally enough, that of Fr Ray Blake's parish, St Mary Magdalen, spiritual home of so many fine bloggers and commentators.

Having read Fr Ray's parish website I found it informative and easy to navigate around and....(a big AND).....the pictures used are mainly shots of Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form (well, as Fr Ray offers the OF Mass ad orientem I suspect that, in a spirit of even handedness, some of the pictures may belong to the OF).

The only downside is the fact that the website features an honourable altar server who has just retired after 75 years of service on the sanctuary.

Grrr.......and I thought that I was doing well at a mere 65 years service!


  1. 65 years! 75 years! there's the hermenuetic of continuity! (I really wish there was a better phrase, but what would it be?)

    p.s. my parish website has led manh people to mass when there wasn't one, and, by and large, was a means of broadcasting the homilies (which would struggle to claim continuity with anything that preceded the nativity of the homilist). Since the change of the guard the site has basically been gathering virtual dust.

  2. Replies
    1. Of course, Michael. I keep making the same mistake, no excuse.

  3. Kind of you Richard, as for the picture, the designer chose the one's 'that worked'.
    As for the server after 75 years serving, he is now on the readers list, I am thinking of making that the rule - you can be on the readers, only if ....

  4. Does anyone know when "Faith Community" entered the lexicon. Most parish websites, including mine, have this on the site. Or "A Catholic Faith Community" Something along those lines.

  5. Clinton, I think the term just a fungal growth!

    1. yes, that sounds about right! just like EMOHC's and girl altar boys.


  7. Anon, very good (I would prefer a name) but just having a website is not enough. It does need to be professional in content and appearance. I could give you a constructive critique if you wished - meant sincerely. Richard

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